September 18, 2019

Being in the executive seat through a corporate spinoff can be both an exciting and nerve-racking adventure. From the business side, successfully transitioning to an independent company and being judged for your business’ distinct performance is a rewarding opportunity. Personally, the financial implications can be immense as your company adjusts to being in control of its own culture and compensation practices. As the day to day business operations continue, it’s critical for you to be aware of how these changes could substantially impact your financial future.

No one wants to be the oblivious frog in the pot of water as it quietly increases to a boil (side note, that legend is just a myth and frogs know when it’s time to get moving). Sometimes, folks can feel this way as compensation programs adjust within the new company and they find themselves in a shifting landscape. As we advise clients, we’ve found there’s a power in being prepared by knowing your options and that having experienced financial support can go a long way in being able to successfully navigate your personal needs over the long-term.

To help you know your options, we put together a 6-part series (back in 2017) aimed at educating executives on some of the key areas of how a spinoff can impact them and their compensation. Take a look here:

Part 1 - Salary & Annual Bonus

Part 2 - Equity Compensation

Part 3 - Deferred Compensation

Part 4 - Retirement Plan Changes

Part 5 - Insider Trading Status and Rule Changes

Part 6 - Negotiating Your Needs

For financial support, we believe the best solution is to ensure you have a team of highly specialized advisors verify your current financial positions and provide clear actionable advice to move you forward. At Spurstone, we do this in a unique and guaranteed way which you can learn more about by going here to see how you can verify your plan.

And of course, if you’d like to talk to a member of our team about your own financial needs and goals, we’d love the opportunity. Simply connect with us!


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