Who We Serve

Spurstone Executive Wealth Solutions is a Connecticut-based fiduciary firm that specializes in advising stock-compensated corporate executives across the country earning $200,000+ in annual salary and with $500,000+ in investable assets.  

Professionals at public companies have plenty of obligations vying for their valuable time. At Spurstone, we make it our priority to ensure that wealth and asset management isn't one of them. Enlist the experts at Spurstone, and experience the immediate freedom that accompanies effective executive wealth management.

Executives hire Spurstone because:

  1. They want a team of Specialized Advisers providing resources for their unique financial needs.
  2. They want Fiduciary Advisers whose responsibility is to act in their best interest, unlike Banks and Brokerage Firms.
  3. They want a team intensely focused on the protection and growth of their wealth.

Our team of professionals are expert advisers in their dedicated fields, including executive and stock compensation; portfolio management; tax, risk and estate planning; litigation, and much more. Our team collaborates with you to execute a transparent plan aimed at the ultimate benefit for your family, rather than simply telling you what to do.

Corporate executives trust the Spurstone team and regularly extend that trust to their friends, family, and colleagues. Long-term, multi-generational relationships are the catalyst that propels us forward as a Registered Investment Advisor and fiduciary firm. When you collaborate with Spurstone, we commit to make the management of your daily decisions, your wealth, and your life – easier.

Allow Spurstone to serve as the only advocate you and your family need to ensure that every aspect of your financial life is well cared for, managed, and maintained.