Client Testimonials

Nothing is more important to us than exceeding our client’s expectations.  We are deeply aware of the trust they place in us, and we strive to maintain a level of excellence in the client experience that they most certainly deserve, that honors that trust.  See what some of our clients have said about their experience working with the Spurstone team.

Kyle D – Connecticut

Principal & Co-Founder
Privately Owned Company

Industry: Staffing & Recruiting

Financial Experience Before Spurstone – I was trying to keep track of all the different accounts and options within each. With no financial training, my decision making for investments was based on news, spontaneous decisions, and advice from friends. This was not the most efficient or profitable approach. With Spurstone, I can now reallocate my time and energy into different areas knowing that Tim is looking out for my family’s best interests, and it makes a whole world of difference.

Likeliness to Recommend Spurstone to a Colleague – 10. Spurstone truly sees each client’s success as important. That’s radically different than any other financial advisor we’ve worked with. I have advocated to several folks about my experiences, who have become Spurstone clients. Partnering with Tim & Ted has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life!

Current Client, unpaid, 11/20/23.

Gary E – New Hampshire

Director Of Logistics
Publicly Traded Fortune 100 Company

Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Ways Your Financial Experience Has Changed Working With Spurstone– I appreciate the availability of the Spurstone group. Excellent customer service, treated as an individual and not a commodity like at some of the larger firms. They are forward looking and provide me with a symbiotic relationship working with me to make my investments achieve my financial goals.

Likeliness to Recommend Spurstone to a Colleague – 10.
I have had a very positive experience with the Spurstone Group. My investments have grown, and it’s been a very good relationship with the team.

Current Client, unpaid, 11/20/23.

Garry G – Connecticut

Sr. District Manager 
Publicly Traded Fortune 100 Company

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

What You Would Tell Your Colleague Interested in Working with Spurstone – My experience working with Spurstone is strategic and holistic, looking at not just robust returns but tax advantage planning too. Spurstone will give you the roadmap necessary to not make critical mistakes with your financial plan.

Likeliness to Recommend Spurstone to a Colleague – 10.
I describe this team as trusting. Tim and Ted are equal parts financial planners and therapists taking the fear and uneasiness out of the future. Tim provides a holistic view and plan for
our financial future.

Current Client, unpaid, 11/20/23.

Jason A – California

Privately Owned Company

Industry: A.I./Robotics

Ways Your Relationship with Spurstone Adds Value – We like the personal small team approach and the relationships formed. It’s reassuring to speak to a professional and get individual planning based on your specific needs. Being able to talk to someone experienced gives us more confidence, and the extra time and thoroughness is always nice and feels thoughtful.

Likeliness to Recommend Spurstone to a Colleague – 10. Especially for people in more complicated compensation or with tax considerations.

Current Client, unpaid, 11/20/23.

Wendy & Jeff D – Massachusetts

Founders & Owners
Privately Owned Companies

Industry: Chemicals

Has Anything Exceeded Your Expectations Since Working with Spurstone - Working with Spurstone has been outstanding! Tim has been extremely responsive and has advised us on various issues regarding our investments and tax estate planning. I don’t think we were expecting to receive advice on such a wide range of topics.

Likeliness to Recommend Spurstone to a Colleague – 10. The advice we receive from Spurstone allows us to feel more confident in “where we are at”. Tim has given us great advice given our financial situation, tax liabilities, estate planning and retirement. We think you’d be pleasantly surprised how easy Tim is to talk with... and how much he knows about many subjects.

Current Client, unpaid, 11/20/23.

Mark L – Florida

CEO & Co-Founder 
Privately Owned Company

Industry: Commercial Electrical Engineering

Ways Your Financial Experience Has Changed Working with Spurstone – With the help of Spurstone I am more prepared and diversified. The entire team at Spurstone is professional and friendly and make me feel comfortable knowing they are looking out for my best interests. Whether it’s an email or a phone call to ask a question Spurstone is there to answer my needs.

Likeliness to Recommend Spurstone to a Colleague – 10.
I can put my head on my pillow at night knowing that Spurstone is looking out for their client’s best interest – my best interest. I trust my $$ with Spurstone.

Current Client, unpaid, 11/20/23.

Russ N – Connecticut

Privately Owned Company

Industry: Commercial Construction

Has Anything Exceeded Your Expectations Since Working with Spurstone – Spurstone is a partner in your financial well-being. All Spurstone people are people just like us. They treat us with respect and value the relationship that we have together. We feel better about where we are financially, and we have a broad plan for retirement.

Likeliness to Recommend Spurstone to a Colleague – 10. The Spurstone team is very honest and upfront with all we do together with them.

Current Client, unpaid, 11/20/23.

Alan S – Tennessee

SVP Risk Management 
Publicly Traded Company

Industry: Banking

Ways Your Financial Experience Has Changed Working with Spurstone – Spurstone is our first financial planner, and we now have a more disciplined and cohesive investment approach, better coordination between various investment accounts to avoid duplications, and better tax offsets for
capital losses.

Likeliness to Recommend Spurstone to a Colleague – 10. The Spurstone team is informal yet professional. Working with Spurstone helps us focus on wealth generation and lets Spurstone focus on our wealth management thus freeing up time and resources. Tim’s availability is fantastic and turnaround times are quite decent too.

Current Client, unpaid, 12/01/23.

Scott A – Florida

President and CEO
Privately Owned Company

Industry: Aviation Services

Ways Your Relationship with Spurstone Adds Value – Over the years our financial life has become more complicated and as a result the implications of decisions that we make are much more consequential. Having Spurstone as a financial partner has relieved a lot of the stress of managing the financial aspects of our household and business. I appreciate the holistic approach they take to overseeing all aspects of our financial picture – it's way more than just what stock we should invest in this week. This relationship affects every aspect of our lives – asset management and protection, investments, treasury, and many backoffice operations of our business including our 401k and taxes. They are great to work with because they see the whole financial picture.

Likeliness to Recommend Spurstone to a Colleague – 10. The team we have put together with Spurstone operates almost as a mini “Family Office” for us - our accountant, legal advisors, insurance, and even our 401K plan administrator for our business all work together as a team and I know that every decision that is made, is done solely to put our interests
first and foremost.

Current Client, unpaid, 12/04/23.

Merisa K – Connecticut

VP, Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis
Publicly Traded Company

Industry: Automotive

Ways Your Financial Experience Has Changed Working with Spurstone – My experience with Spurstone has fundamentally changed how I manage my investments and I am grateful to have a team that feels like family, a financial planner in Tim who challenges me to ensure I am achieving long-term goals, and access to a network of advisors who have helped me to effectively navigate tax strategies, estate planning, and insurance needs with one seamless approach. Tim and the team are always accessible and help me to manage my global assets including those not actively managed by them. This gives me peace of mind knowing I have a cohesive strategy for my financial success.

Likeliness to Recommend Spurstone to a Colleague – 10.
I value the approachable, no-frills approach of Spurstone. I have been happy with the growth of my portfolio assets and the level of support the team provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I encourage anyone to take advantage of the portfolio assessment that the Spurstone team can provide and consider investing their assets with Spurstone. The team is highly knowledgeable and very experienced with Executive Compensation.

Current Client, unpaid, 12/04/23.

Client testimonials were derived from a client survey sent to our clients by our firm, the survey used was fair and balanced. No clients were compensated for their testimonial, either directly or indirectly. These statements may not be representative of the experience of other current clients and do not provide a guarantee of future performance or similar services.