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Tax Law Changes September 21

Tim Golas, Spurstone Partner shares his insights on the recent release from the House Ways & Means Committee on new tax proposal and increases and how these might affect executives.

The Spurstone 10Ex Executive Wealth Audit

Our custom 10Ex Executive Wealth financial audit was created to provide the most value to stock-compensated executives of public companies, who often have complexities in their wealth and compensation. If you are a current or former corporate professional receiving stock-compensation, and have $500K+ in investable assets, you will benefit the most from our risk-free comprehensive analysis of your executive wealth plan.

Happy Anniversary Spurstone!

Happy Anniversary to the whole Spurstone team, and to all of our clients and our partners.

Why Executives Choose Spurstone

Partners Ted de Groot and Tim Golas discuss why successful executives choose Spurstone Executive Wealth Solutions for their
financial management.

Risk-Free, Comprehensive & Transparent Evaluation

Spurstone Executive Wealth Solutions Partners Ted de Groot and Tim Golas discuss the 10EX Executive Audit Process.

Why Hire Specialists for Managing Your Wealth

Tim Golas discusses the importance for corporate executives to partner with advisors who specialize in your unique needs.

The Fiduciary You Can Count On

Ted de Groot discusses how executives throughout the country benefit from having a fiduciary advisor working solely on their behalf for advising and financial planning.

Spurstone Specialized Talent

Tim Golas discusses how Spurstone replicates traditional "family office" services for executives providing access to a deep bench of talent, both internal and external to the firm, to save you time and money.

Stock Compensation Planning & Management

Tim Golas discusses how Spurstone advises executives throughout the country to manage & grow stock compensation. Integrating stock compensation management into executive financial planning is a key component to long-term success.

Comprehensive Planning for Corporate Executives

Ted de Groot discusses how Spurstone specializes in tailoring plans to fit your current situation while providing a foundation for future growth.