Core Services

In combination with wealth focus, our team will work with you to provide holistic planning and services to help you reach your goals. When you work with us, Spurstone will be the hub of your financial ecosystem. From wealth management to retirement, estate, and generational planning, Spurstone is equipped to provide full-service support for you and your family. The core-services listed below are not all-encompassing.

We regularly help clients with financial planning needs that might fall outside of the traditional advisor relationship. It's just one more way that working with Spurstone can help you on your journey in pursuit of unbreakable wealth. So, if you have a need that’s not listed, or if we uncover one in working with you, know that we're here to help you reach your financial goals, no matter what it takes.

Client Centered
  • Because you deserve a more thoughtful and bespoke approach to investing, we'll manage your portfolio to focus on tax efficiency with a personalized approach that aligns with your wealth stage, risk tolerance, and overall goals.

  • As part of your complete financial life, your employer stock benefits will be integrated into your personal wealth
    plan and portfolio.

  • We’ll work with you to protect and enhance your legacy and maintain a lasting impact on those you care about the most.

  • Efficient tax mitigation and planning can be the difference between long-term financial security versus outliving your investments. That's why we work to limit the damaging impact of taxes on all areas of your wealth. For founders and business owners, that includes strategic business planning, transitions, IPOs, and all other aspects that come with the joys of
    business ownership.

  • Everyone’s goals, be they financial or personal, are different. And we understand that your unique goals take a unique plan to achieve. That’s why our approach starts with a thorough understanding of your personal and financial goals. Once we determine your destination, we can plot a financial course to get you there. And of course, as your goals change, so should your plan. We’ll meet with you regularly to make updates to your plan and make sure you’re still navigating to the right destination.