10EX Executive Wealth Audit

We Help Executives Who:

Have complex compensation plans.

Understand their life and wealth are just as unique as they are complex.

Want their compensation and wealth designed by executive wealth experts.

Want clarity and precision for controlled outcomes, no surprises.

What is the 10EX Executive Wealth Audit?

We specialize in advising stock-compensated corporate executives and offer our 10Ex Executive Wealth Audit as an independent wealth assessment process that analyzes your current financial picture, isolates areas that can be improved upon, and delivers clear solutions to enhance your wealth and assets.

Our 10EX Audit is an objective honest, and eye-opening assessment of your personal finances.

An Extensive, Risk-Free Process

We've streamlined this extensive, risk-free process without bogging down the executive.

You provide us with all of your current financial data and documentation, and we'll start our comprehensive audit of all your finances, including your executive compensation plan. Following a complete portfolio review, we will diagnose the health of your current finances and suggest strategic solutions where applicable.

Our Promise

If we can't find you 10 times the one-time $1,000 audit fee in savings and value, we'll return your fee.*

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