Stock Compensation

Stock grants and equity compensation are an integral component of an executive’s compensation package and a substantial wealth building opportunity. Each of the many forms of stock compensation, including incentive stock options, non-qualified stock options, restricted stock and performance based stock awards carry unique properties and tax considerations. Will these aspects of planning be potholes or pole-vaults along your financial path?

At Spurstone, our specialists focus their expertise in managing stock compensation portfolios to maximize your wealth in every way.

Proactive Efficiency

Having a bench of specialized talent supporting and guiding stock compensation decisions is a luxury few executives ever experience. Successful families want the right resources and solutions available to quickly address their unique needs.

At Spurstone, we are uniquely positioned to guide executives in managing stock compensation through the constantly changing financial and economic landscapes. We bring deep expertise and experience leveraging the wide array of equity compensation across multiple industries, locations and seniority levels. We provide proactive guidance to ensure you have the transparency and resources needed to quickly and efficiently leverage these fantastic benefits over time.

Tax Mitigation & Planning

Whether you are in the wealth accumulation phase or have reached financial independence, tax mitigation is the silent wealth killer we consistently fight on your behalf. Knowing the unique goals and plans of your family allows our team to create and execute long-term stock compensation management plans to best meet your needs. This can include tax hedging strategies that may integrate other components of your executive compensation or investment portfolio which, when leveraged together, could create a positive tax impact to your stock compensation.

Insider Considerations

Insiders and other restricted individuals face a unique set of restrictions and considerations when managing employer stock positions. You may be in a highly visible position, followed by regulators, or simply have access to sensitive company information. As a result, your trading is likely limited to open trading windows and may require additional employer legal approval.

In these situations, strategies such as establishing Rule 10b5-1 trading plans and ensuring a strict adherence to employer trading limitations, not only in your employer accounts but all other outside investments and holdings, are critical for successful and efficient employer stock management plans.

Your Independent Fiduciary

Your stock compensation has many moving parts, each with a layer of complexity for consideration. With corporate plan resources and plan providers incentivized by your potential transaction, it is prudent for you to have a trusted outside resource acting purely on your behalf. With Spurstone, you gain the fiduciary partner you need along with the experience and expertise you deserve.