Portfolio Management

Investment management. It’s a core tenant of our business and of critical importance to executives and employees of public companies. At Spurstone, we manage asset classes (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs etc.) and types (employer stock, retirement accounts, taxable portfolios, charitable portfolios, etc.) through individualized tailored solutions. By managing assets and portfolios together across multiple platforms, we seek to deliver enhanced solutions while removing the burden of day-to-day management from your plate.

The Spurstone Difference

The Spurstone Difference

Balancing the science of Modern Portfolio Theory with the art of concentrated position management, we understand the unique portfolio challenges of today’s executives and how to efficiently leverage their holdings. We believe in transparency, simplicity and efficiency when managing client assets and seek to deliver an unparalleled investment experience across all your portfolios.


While many banks are implementing technology to “scale”, that can quickly become a veiled attempt for less human-to-human interaction. At Spurstone, we use technology to enhance the client experience while saving you time. We actively partner with some of the world’s leading asset management platforms to provide technical efficiencies and access unavailable in the traditional brokerage environment.

The Spurstone client portal provides clients with secure aggregated viewing and reporting of all aspects of their wealth, including portfolios managed at Spurstone and held away. And with our multiple video conferencing and screen sharing technologies, you have access to our team and all these resources from the comfort of your office or your home, saving your most precious commodity: time.

Safety & Security

The custodian of your assets is often overlooked by many investors, but recent events have more people wondering if their investments are safely held. At Spurstone, our livelihood relies on the safety and security of client assets and we treat it as such. Banks and brokerages can commingle client funds and use client holdings for their own operations. Put simply, we are not comfortable with that scenario.

As an independent fiduciary advisor, we research and evaluate the landscape of options for our clients and whenever possible, we prefer clients utilize Private Trust Companies to custody their assets, where funds are owned and controlled fully by the client and not used in other ways by the trust company.

Tax & Cost Efficiency

Tax & cost efficiency are powerful ways to improve net portfolio returns without increasing risk. We place a premium on these facts and implement technologies and strategies to directly address these silent wealth killers. Through strategies like tax hedging portfolio overlays, tax efficient stock compensation sale plans or low-cost investment strategies, we are constantly fighting these often-ignored performance drags to benefit your family over the long-term.

At Spurstone, our clients enjoy knowing that when our team is managing portfolios, we are a fiduciary acting and advising in your best interest. We are compensated only by our clients and not by any outside investment company or custodian. Our motivation is to be transparent and deliver great value to enhance and grow our relationship with you, earning your trust, your business and referrals along the way.