Your Future Healthcare

July 14, 2017

Concerned not only about how you would pay for future healthcare, but the location and form of care you will receive? Let's talk about it.

More and more of the families we speak with are increasingly concerned in regards to conservator rules and desire a solution to ensure the quality and location of their future healthcare meets their personal desires. They want to be sure they don’t end up in a nursing home just because that may be the easiest or most cost efficient solution.

While many focus on the funding aspect of care, that is a piece of this puzzle that is typically quickly and easily solved. Either use existing assets or offload the risk to an insurer. The real issue here is how to ensure the care being funded is the level of care the family desires. Guaranteeing the house would be remodeled for care needs, providing for home care specialists and meeting any other unique care needs that may arise are all where the real value lives.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, we have seen the benefit of developing legal care plan instructions for families. By involving the Spurstone team attorneys that specialize in this unique area of the law, we can develop the protection a family desires and ensure the quality of healthcare they receive will be at the level they deserve.

Don’t stop the long-term care conversation at funding, discuss with us whether specialized care plan instructions can help protect you in a time of need.