#TrueValue: What's Next?

August 25, 2020

As a follow-up to my recent blog titled “Executive Musical Chairs”, I like everyone else wonders what’s in store in the days ahead?  We are all seeing and experiencing the obvious turmoil.  We are living in the new work from home movement and hearing about executive offices moving out of cities and into suburbs.  Many companies are taking actions to firm up their balance sheets.  And we are all likely wondering, are all things happening during this crisis negative, and is the future completely grim?

Maybe not.  Many people are learning the power of saving, not always a bad concept.  Banking reports are showing this in terms of deposits increasing.  Some companies are reporting higher productivity levels from their professionals who aren’t dealing with the hassles of juggling family schedules and commutes.  Maybe we are seeing a certain new flexibility that has been introduced to our work environment that wasn’t possible without this recent crisis.

I recently referred to this transition to a friend as a “dynamic inflection point” in society and business. More than just a “disruptor” as Walmart was once viewed, or Amazon is viewed as today.  This is something that is affecting all industries and all economies.  It is not only happening domestically but around the world.  Video conferencing and ease has created arguably a more efficient time management for most, me being one of those benefactors.  Will this change possibly create opportunities for both executives who once weren’t willing to make a move to take a position, and for corporations that hesitated to make a hire based on someone’s location and accessibility?  Will large corporations find the need to adjust in order to attain as well as retain quality talent?   These are just a few examples but with every crisis there is opportunity. 

Throughout history mankind has always faced adversity and has somehow not only survived but has prevailed and emerged stronger and even more resilient.  It is now the time for us to find our #truevalue.

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Ted de Groot

Partner, Spurstone