March 30, 2021

Partnerships: They're what make good things great.

For us, we've been fortunate to build Spurstone with fulfilling partnerships with our clients and our institutional resources.

SEI has been one of our key partners in delivering elite level portfolio solutions as well as business management resources.

They're a rare breed in the financial industry with great technology but more importantly amazing people. Their culture, across the board and up the entire org chart, better reflects our Spurstone team values than anywhere we've partnered with. Their desire to provide solutions that fit our needs, to add REAL value and most importantly be transparent in all their interactions is truly a breath of fresh air.

We're fortunate to have been working with them on programs like the RIA Business Platform and to be a Founding Member of their RIA Business Community. Happy to spread the love in this promotion for them.  SEI Run a More Efficient Business

Thanks to the great team at SEI - Raef Lee, Nicole Wasiakowski, Geoffrey Knox & Steve Gardner for being on this ride with us together...   

Tim Golas, Partner