Introducing the New Spurstone Logo!

Introducing the New Spurstone Logo!

February 06, 2018

Introducing the New Spurstone Logo!

As the world continues to advance, so too does our firm. Each year, we distribute our annual client letter sharing the news of our growth and evolution. It has been exciting to build our business around the unique needs of our clientele, and now we are launching a new brand identity that will better serve our future while respecting our past as we continue to be Uniquely Executive.

A Modern Take of Our Classic

Families who have been with us from the beginning will quickly see the differences from our original logo to this new brand image. We’ve put a vibrant refresh to our brand, using a modern take from our classic original design. Clean and crisp with a bolder and more modern style. Wealth management is serious business, but we still like to have fun with the families we serve. This refresh reflects those truths.

Why the Change?

As a brand, we are proud to be unique, innovative and continuously improving. We combine modern technologies with old school service and advice to create experiences that truly separate us from the crowd. While our old design was great, we felt now was the right time to make an update that better reflects who we have become and where we are headed. We’ve even updated our lion (affectionately named Spurrier) so when you see that image on its own, you’ll know right away what it means and what it stands for. 

Continuing to Focus on You

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that our clients are the core of our business and the future of our success. We tell you how unique we are, we deliver on that commitment and often you share your experiences with your colleagues and friends. Now we have an image to match that experience for today and tomorrow.