Golas Speaks at SEI

Golas Speaks at SEI

February 13, 2018

I’ll admit it, sitting in front of a packed room of top advisors from throughout the country, taking questions and giving my insights around technology and client service was an oddly entertaining opportunity for me. Even writing this blog post feels strange and has taken me longer than it should but the reason may not be what you think.

To set the scene, I was asked by SEI to speak with a group of their advisors at their upcoming Strategic Advisor Counsel meeting which is where SEI gathers their best advisors for business planning and education. They hoped I could talk about some of the unique ways Spurstone uses technology to ensure we provide clients with a consistently great experience. I thought to myself that it was nice for SEI, one of the largest and most innovative Private Trust Companies, to recognize the work we do at Spurstone and chatting with some folks to help them better care for their own clients should be easy. It turns out, this was more than just a chat with a couple advisors.

Public speaking can be tough for anyone but sitting in front of a large audience of peers, discussing critical components to our business and the future of our industry was a great experience. You see, I’m not normally one to toot my own horn. So, to be giving my insights to 125+ advisors with more grey hair than I and seeing their overwhelmingly positive response was what I felt to be so oddly entertaining. For SEI to ask me to help their top advisors, and to be so well received by those advisors was a genuinely fun experience. It’s a testament to the work we do at Spurstone and inspires me to continue growing and evolving our business to benefit the families we serve.

I’m not the person to hang awards on my walls or seek industry recognition. I believe in letting the work I do daily be the basis for which I am judged. I guess it just feels good to be respected by companies I admire and to be able to help other people who do good work.



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