August 11, 2020

When working with an executive who has worked at, or is currently working at a publicly traded company, it is rare that we run into an individual who doesn’t have lingering outside holdings of said company.  I like to refer to these holdings as “dangling shares”.  Reason being, they were genuinely earned through years of service, are sometimes of great monetary value, and yet, somehow don’t make it into the full planning process.

Why does this happen?  It is usually a side note.  The shares are usually held on some outside shareholder platform, that isn’t usually a full-service financial institution, that might only mail out quarterly or year-end statements.  And we know what usually happens with that mail.

But what if we included that in your planning?  What if we gave it a purpose?  Perhaps tied those shares or funds to a goal?  Tuition, a retirement home, or a trip of a lifetime.  That bucket that many think may be used for a “rainy day” or “emergency fund” may be a strategy taking on higher risk than you think.  Evaluating your position in these holdings and outlining a true purpose for them is a proactive way of strengthening your financial freedom.  Working with the right advisory team can help you do this.

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Ted de Groot

Partner, Spurstone