Building Wealth During Coronavirus - Day 12: Happy Anniversary Spurstone!

April 02, 2020

Hey everyone, it's April 2nd, and I wanted to say Happy Anniversary to the whole Spurstone team, and all of our clients and all of our partners. It's our 11th anniversary and it has really been a wonderful ride, and a humbling experience. And just to think back about how different our lives were 11 years ago, you know, we were in the midst of the financial collapse and my partner and I, Ted de Groot, thought it would be a great idea to start a new financial firm.

It's really been wonderful. I'm standing here at home as we're dealing with the whole Coronavirus situation and all working remotely.  It's really interesting to think about when we talk to all of our clients and they're asking us how we're doing through this whole situation and vice versa.  I think this truly speaks to the relationships that we've built over this time and really the quality of the people that we work with.

So now we're excited to think about what the next 10 years has ahead of us, and where we're going to go together.  We're very appreciative and thankful for everybody that's been on the ride with us.  So, again Happy Anniversary, and thank you all for everything!  We'll see you all soon.  Stay healthy and safe..

-Tim Golas, Partner @ Spurstone - Architects of Executive Wealth