Architects of Executive Wealth

Architects of Executive Wealth

We are a privately-owned Registered Investment Advisor and fiduciary firm.  We provide our executive clientele with non-biased financial guidance and we are committed to always putting our client’s best interests first.

Who We Serve

We work primarily with stock-compensated, mid and senior-level corporate executives and their families.  We specialize in understanding and navigating the complexities of equity-based compensation and offer innovative and time-saving solutions and strategically structured customized wealth plans, for these executives’ often highly complex needs.

We help motivated executives build and protect lasting wealth, by delivering high-impact guidance, authentic partnership, and our Four Pillars of Unbreakable Wealth. Our goal is not to be the right advisor for everyone, but to be the best advisor for this select group of corporate professionals for whom our expertise is best suited.

The Spurstone Difference

We are an experienced team of thoughtful, collaborative, caring partners who believe in truthfulness, integrity, and transparency.
We offer an independent, client-centric, goals-based approach to managing wealth emphasizing the importance of making decisions based on merit, rather than emotion.
We are like-minded team players and good listeners, with a desire to build long-lasting relationships with our clients while helping them achieve their financial goals.
We share our client’s vision, we tell it like it is, we get things done and we get it done right.
We leverage our advanced technology to serve our clients throughout the US, no matter where they reside.
We serve as trusted liaisons between our clients and other professionals to ensure the right team of specialized professionals is managing and protecting their wealth.

We Blueprint Your Money, Life & Tomorrow

We take a design approach to organizing your financial, investment, and intellectual property needs. We create your blueprint with the intention of restoring your time, preserving your wealth, and enhancing your assets.

We Solve the Complex

Whether your goals include college savings or retirement savings, compensation planning or estate planning, our rigorous and tailored wealth assessment process will identify areas to improve upon in every aspect of your financial life.

Experience the Difference Specialized Advice Makes

Successful executives join Spurstone when they realize they need a better solution to managing their wealth and desire authentic partners who share their vision.  In our intro call, we will discuss your financial goals and concerns as well as the Four Pillars of Unbreakable Wealth.  We will cover how to begin implementing processes right now that can improve your control and efficiency of wealth while accessing exclusive specialized talent and saving you time.