Architects of Executive Wealth

Architects of Executive Wealth

Welcome to Spurstone. We are Architects of Executive Wealth.

We are a privately-owned Registered Investment Advisor and fiduciary firm dedicated to advancing the success of corporate executives and their families.

We Blueprint Your Money, Life & Tomorrow

We take a design approach to organizing your financial, investment, and intellectual property needs. We create your blueprint with the intention of restoring your time, preserving your wealth, and enhancing your assets.

We Solve the Complex

Whether your goals include college savings or retirement savings, compensation planning or estate planning, our rigorous and tailored wealth assessment process will identify areas to improve upon in every aspect of your financial life.

Experience the Difference Specialized Advice Makes

Where do we start? Our 10Ex Executive Wealth Audit will provide you with a transparent, independent, and comprehensive assessment. We guarantee that if we can’t find you 10 times the one-time $1,000 audit fee in savings and value, we’ll return your fee!*