About Us

Spurstone Executive Wealth Solutions is a Connecticut-based fiduciary firm, proudly advising today and tomorrow’s corporate executives across the country.

As a successful corporate executive, firmly established or well on your way, you need a trusted ally to guide, manage, and grow the wealth you have endeavored to amass your entire life career.

Spurstone Executive Wealth Solutions is that ally.

Utilizing the traditional family office structure, Spurstone is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and fiduciary firm that offers a holistic approach to the financial, investment, and intellectual asset management of corporate executives and their families. Spurstone is able to creatively and efficiently streamline complex wealth and assets - effectively eliminating the financial stresses that accompany daily wealth management.

As a corporate executive, your company hired a CFO to manage the finances of your corporation - because doing so made sense. As a successful corporate executive with a family to look after, why not extend the same sensibility to your own financial life? Spurstone is the financial steward your family can depend on to champion every aspect of your wealth and assets.

Committed to instilling financial transparency through honest guidance and collaboration with our clients, Spurstone will advocate for your current and future wealth as we would our very own.