Who We Are

Working with our firm, you will experience a culture and partnership truly tailored to you.  You'll communicate and collaborate directly with our team.  We genuinely want to know all about you -- and we will always have your family's best interests in mind and at heart. 

Ted deGroot, the son of Irish immigrants, is the spirited leader of the team at Spurstone Executive Wealth Solutions. Backed by his extensive experience in the financial services industry, 

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Spurstone's strategic architect, Timothy Golas, has dedicated his talents to the financial services industry since 2005. As a private client advisor with UBS Financial, Tim strategized with senior executives and

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Christine Carpenter

Client Services & Marketing Manager

(860) 264-1111

(860) 404-5595

Chris brings a wealth of talents to the Spurstone team, with over 30 years’ experience in building and nurturing client relationships. Her background includes marketing and business development for upscale retail shopping centers...

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