Our VALUE Process

As executives understand, a successful business requires a great process. The same is true for successful families. At Spurstone, we adhere to a disciplined and time-honored approach that starts by establishing your family vision. By employing a diagnostic advisory process, we seek to understand your unique family needs, evaluate your concerns, and formalize goals to serve as a basis and blueprint for all future action.

After gaining an intimate understanding of your goals and expectations, we assess your current financial position to determine how our team can best add value to your family over time. We evaluate portfolio, compensation, tax, insurance, risk, and estate strategies that may help your family in pursuing its goals. From this foundation, we then develop a highly-personalized strategy for your family and set it into action.

This in-depth process is most effectively described as our “VALUE” system:


Our approach starts by focusing on who you are, what you hope to accomplish, and how you envision your family’s financial future. As a team, we will help identify your specific family goals and arrange them by both timeframe and priority.


We will carefully assess your family’s financial, human, and intellectual assets to uncover the potential risks and opportunities each present.


Following our risk assessments, we will help guide you and your family in learning about the different strategies designed to mitigate risk while increasing growth.


We will align your family’s financial goals with the most prudent strategies available to address those goals in an efficient manner.


Through all stages of our partnership, we will continue to evaluate your family’s assets to help you anticipate and respond to life’s inevitable changes. We are prepared to proactively address unexpected obstacles and provide strategies for adjusting your life and wealth programs to ensure they continually support your family narrative.