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Spurstone was founded in 2009 and is based in Higganum, CT since 2021, and was formerly in Avon, CT.  We are a privately-owned Registered Investment Advisor and Fiduciary firm. The firm is comprised of a team of driven, experienced professionals that are truly dedicated to the success of each client relationship. With years of experience and expertise in the many facets of wealth management, the firm is structured to maximize opportunity and increase efficiency for today's wealthy families. Whether it is managing a concentrated position of employer stock, developing a detailed Investment Policy Statement, or crafting a family legacy, Spurstone clients have come to expect innovative strategies executed at a high level with exceptional results.

Ted de Groot, Spurstone Partner & Co-Founder spent 14 years in the securities industry, working with Advest, Inc, Merrill Lynch and UBS Financial Services.  Amid the change in the industry landscape and driven by his interest in entrepreneurship and best servicing his executive clients, he decided to pursue his business passion from the independent setting that Spurstone offered.

Tim Golas, Spurstone Partner & Co-Founder, was an advisor with UBS Financial working with senior executives and specializing in equity-based compensation at Fortune 500 companies. He has advised executives at all corporate levels, providing skills to help implement complex strategies designed to build and preserve the wealth of individuals with concentrated positions, stock-based compensation, deferred compensation and much more.

Our team shares our client’s vision, we tell it like it is, we get things done and we get it done right. We serve as trusted liaisons between our clients and other professionals to ensure the right team of specialized professionals is managing and protecting their wealth, always focused on the best interests of our clients. 

Christine Carpenter

Christine Carpenter

Marketing & Client Services Manager