Why We're Different

Corporate executives like yourself are unique. Not only are you tasked with the management of a large public company, but are also committed to managing your own personal life and finances.

You deserve to collaborate with a team of professionals who are able to understand your situation, and who are uniquely qualified to help you manage and achieve your goals.

At Spurstone, we are dedicated to helping today’s corporate executives maintain their wealth, and tomorrow’s executives obtain the financial strength they desire. As a Registered Investment Advisor and fiduciary firm, our team of specialists is comprised of professionals from every area of wealth and asset management.

Based in Connecticut, Spurstone Executive Wealth Solutions works with corporate executives nationwide. Utilizing a combination of traditional practices and modern technology, Spurstone can quickly and effectively assist each client, regardless of their geographic locations. Our intuitive platform, which includes video and web conferencing technology, confidently brings our team right to your home or office - saving you both time and money.

We collaborate with specialists internally and externally to better serve our clients. Our team of professionals are expert advisors in their dedicated fields, including executive compensation, stock compensation management, portfolio, tax, risk and estate, litigation, and more. Our team collaborates with you to execute a transparent plan aimed at the ultimate benefit for your family, rather than simply telling you what to do.

Your wealth deserves more than empty advice rooted in sales tactics, delivered by sales-driven, big brokerage firms. Your family deserves collaboration from a team of committed advisors whose only interest lies in your ultimate success and comfort. From stock compensation and management, retirement planning, portfolio management, and insurance services - Spurstone Executive Wealth Solutions is the fiduciary firm you can count on.