10Ex Executive Audit

An objective assessment of your personal finances - transparent, honest, and eye opening.

You or your current financial professionals may be doing an adequate job from your point of view, but you might be surprised by how much you are paying in fees, taxes, and the overall lackluster performance that often accompanies sales-driven firms.

At Spurstone Executive Wealth Solutions, our ultimate goal is absolute financial transparency for executives and their families. Our independent wealth assessment process takes into account the entirety of your financial picture, isolates areas that can be improved upon, and delivers clear solutions to enhance your wealth and assets.  Aimed at reducing waste and increasing overall financial efficiency - Spurstone advisors will provide clarity and an unprecedented understanding of your finances - guaranteed. 

How It Works

The Spurstone 10Ex Executive Audit includes a thorough evaluation of your financial picture with the goal of uncovering unknown costs, revealing unnecessary waste, and ultimately improving upon the entirety of your finances.

It’s a simple, 2-step process:

  1. We start with a risk-free, comprehensive audit of all your finances. Our promise? If we can’t find 10x your one-time audit fee in savings and value, we'll return your fee.
  2. Following our complete review of your wealth and benefits, we will diagnose the health of your finances and suggest strategic solutions where applicable.

Whether we find your wealth and assets to be in tip-top shape, or see room for improvement - we believe that the key to a healthy financial life is transparency on our part and absolute awareness on yours.

Please call our office 860-264-1111 to schedule your Risk-Free and Objective Spurstone 10Ex Executive Audit today!